Yes, I went to a movie in a theater – and really enjoyed myself

by Lily Moran |staff writer

You can blame the Avengers. Right now, after too many months of being stuck at home, I am missing movie theaters. Like most of you, it was the Avengers that would draw me to the theater. And now, with theaters carefully reopening, I have found myself drawn once again to the movies.

This time you can blame BTS. A limited three day, theater only engagement meant that I HAD to be there. 

If you’re really curious about what theaters are doing to make customers feel confident once more, here’s what I can tell you. I went to a late screening and chose a movie with limited seating and tickets for the movie.  When I got to my theater I went to my seat which was closed off from everyone around me, in a way it  was like you have your own bubble. There was no one in front of me, no one in back of me, and to the side of me there were people about 8 seats away from me. I had two masks on and brought my portable hand sanitizer that I used every time I touched something. The only time i took my mask off was to eat, if I wasn’t eating I had my masks on. 

The theater had hand sanitizer stations at every corner, I saw the workers cleaning the handle bars, the workers were also making sure that there was no trash. Before the movie had started there was a video telling the rules of the theater and if the customers do not follow the rules, such as masks at all times or social distancing, they would be removed without a refund.

Overall the theatre took every precaution to keep everyone safe, with deep cleanings, and no contact. I felt comfortable, plus I enjoyed leaving my house.

I know some students may not have my eagerness to get back into the theater.

“I personally wouldn’t because people are in the same room and even six feet apart it is hot in there,” senior Lea Varela said. “People are going to have their mask off so it is easy to catch COVID if somebody has it but doesn’t know yet.” 

The size of the theaters have caused some students to question if they should return or not.

“I’m hesitant, because granted some movie theaters are instilling social distancing seats throughout the theater,” senior Breeze Cruz said. “But then again people are still in an enclosed space with one another.” 

The students who are uncomfortable at the moment have found some alternatives to the theater.

“When COVID hit I mostly stuck to watching Netflix,” senior Giovanna Cordova said. “I like watching movies on Netflix more because I’m safe and I get to stay home and Netflix has released some good movies.

“Instead of going to the movie theaters I go to the drive-in theaters now,” senior May Trann. “I get to leave my house but am still secluded from everyone since I’m in my car.” 

The reopening of movie theaters has no effect on the students who did not go to the theater prior to Covid-19.

“I had never really liked going to the movies before COVID,” senior Lexi Lucero said. “Even if I were to really want to see a movie in particular, I don’t think I would.” 

And those who have gone to the theater have seemed to enjoy themselves.

“When I found out the movie theater was reopening I was so excited to go back,” junior Amaya Suarez said. “I went to go see Tenet and I had so much fun. It was great to be able to be back again.” 


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