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In a usual year, sophomore Carson Pierdolla would spend his Halloween night at his front door passing out candy to kids in colorful costumes. But like so many other things, the Coronavirus has changed those plans.

“I usually hand out candy to kids in my neighborhood,” Pierdolla said.  “It feels strange because usually we’re off for school or I go places with my family or I go places with my family, but everywhere is closed.”

Other students have said similar things to Pierdolla. 

“I meet up with some friends or pass out candy to younger kids,” sophomore Abbey Mitchell said. 

Even the CDC has been prompted to release guidelines for the Halloween holiday suggesting that people participate in lower-risk activities such as watching a movie, doing a scavenger hunt or pumpkin carving in your backyard with members of your household.

“I’m still going to hand out candy to kids,” Pierdolla. “But probably leave a bowl out and they can help themselves.” 

Leaving a bowl outside your door for people to take candy out of is one of the ways the CDC recommends to lower the risk of getting the Coronavirus while participating in trick-or-treating. They also recommend wearing a mask and disinfecting or washing your hands frequently. 

“This year we won’t go trick or treating,” second grade teacher Anita Hernandez said. “We are having an nighttime Halloween egg hunt with flashlights in the backyard.”

Some high-risk activities that the CDC recommends to avoid are crowded indoor parties, indoor haunted houses, hayrides with people not in your household, and traveling to fall festivals in rural areas.

“It does feel like maybe we are missing out on tradition, but in the end it’s an opportunity to have fun and spend time with the family no matter what we are doing,” Hernandez said. 

The CDC mostly recommends celebrating and doing activities with members of your own household this year. 

“It feels a little strange. I don’t think it will stop me from enjoying the day though,” Mitchell said. 



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