NHS application ready for hopeful applicants

Lauryn Chavez | staff writer

National Honor Society applications are being sent out to qualified applicants, and will be due on October 9.

“Both juniors and seniors can receive applications it’s just based on their unweighted GPA,” English teacher and NHS Sponsor Renea Canales said.

To be qualified for an application students need to have an unweighted GPA of 90 or above and be either a junior or senior.

“We always encourage students to apply again. And if their average was not high enough they can work on those things this year and get their averages up so that way next year they can get that invitational letter and apply with us,” Canales said.

Even if juniors weren’t offered an application this year they still have an opportunity to raise their grades and apply next year.

“We are a service-based organization that is a huge part of who we are and what we do. We put on different projects that students can choose to do, in the past we’ve gone to food banks, we’ve gone to some of the food pantries, Ronald McDonald house, and right now a lot of the ones that we’re doing are cards for children that are in the hospital, for some of our local retirement centers, and First Responders,” Canales said.

Because the NHS is a service-based organization they like contributing their time and funds to local places in the community.

“And then one of the ones that we have coming up is the Red Sand project. And that one is to bring awareness to things like child endangerment and child trafficking and so that’s one of the ones that we have coming up in November so students get to pick which type of project fits them best,” Canales said.

While in the NHS students get to choose a service project that they will contribute their time to.

“We meet once a month and since students have the option of attending meetings on Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings, right now we’re recording it since everything’s a little different than other extracurriculars, so we’re recording that and students have the availability within 24 hours to go back and view are meetings so that way they can get that credit for attending,” Canales said.

Because not all members are on campus yet, recordings of the meeting are available for students to watch to receive their attendance credit.

“Being a member of NHS means that a student is a person who exudes each of our pillars and our pillars are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. It means that you are that well-rounded student and you have teachers and peers that I admire you and to think highly of you the things that you do when nobody else is looking but at the same time you are a person to be relied upon as a leader that you get back to your community as well as maintaining at a high average all at the same time,” Canales said.

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