Campus relying on technology to help keep virus at bay

Karina Correa | staff writer

Just like Metro Health, the campus is relying on contract tracing to stop the spread of COVID on campus.

Contract tracing is the process that starts once a case has been identified. Basically, the whereabouts of the COVID positive student are retraced to best identify anyone else who might have been exposed and get them isolated. 

“We started contact tracing this school year. Contact tracing is used to find out who a positive COVID student has had close contact with to see who may need to quarantine,” Candance Pearson said.

This big safety precaution helps minimize the people exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus.

“It would be important to contact trace anywhere a student has been that has tested positive for COVID,” Pearson said. “Each day is different, but many students are filling out the form,”

The QR Codes are really helpful in big areas like the cafeteria, band rooms, and library. Each day the students scan the code and it lets the administrators know where the student is located, in case any person around them gets COVID they can be notified and tested.

Contact tracing also happens in classrooms. “Teachers have seating charts to keep track of where students sit in class,” Pearson said. 

This procedure happens basically all around the school for the safety of students and adults. There haven’t been any problems with this method at Johnson.

“As long as COVID is around we will most likely be contact tracing,” Pearson said.

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