Looking for the ideal Christmas gift? These take personalization to the next level

by Tala Kamil | staff writer

Finding the right Christmas gift can be very stressful sometimes, especially if you want your gift to be special. But nothing screams special more than personalized gifts. A customized gift reveals that you think thoughtfully enough to prepare your present for the person. 



“All My Friendship Pillow”

Looking for something sentimental to give to your best friend? A personalized friendship pillow is a perfect idea! It’s cozy and it’s something she/he can keep for a lifetime. Also, it’s very affordable; it costs about $11.24 – $55 at collage.com. (prices differ from the way you customize it)



“Love Book”

It can be a little tough finding the right gift for your significant other, but this love book is one thing they’d love for sure. You can customize your characters and tell your love story, how you met, what you like about them, etc. It costs about $40 – $55 at lovebookonline.com



“Mom ‘Bonded by Love’ Charm Bangle”

This charm bracelet is a simple yet great gesture to offer to your mom. Moms tend to love something sentimental and I believe this charm bracelet would do just the trick. Don’t confuse its price with its looks. This bracelet is pretty affordable and is found at alexandani.com for just $29.   



“Dad Art Print”

Can’t tell whether your dad is picky or not? This customized art print would help solve your solution. It’s simple, cute, family-oriented, and basically ticks off all the boxes that scream “this is the one for dad!” This gift is pretty pricey, but totally worth it for it’s a gift that can last forever. The cost ranges between $25 and $130 depending on how you choose to customize it at shutterfly.com



“Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle”

This gift idea can be gifted to anyone really. You can give it to your friend, your siblings, etc. It’s a small yet generous gift that you can enjoy with anyone and everyone. I mean…who doesn’t love puzzles?! You can customize with any picture you’d like and choose between 35-1000 pieces with the price ranging from $25 to $100 at customfacestickers.com.


The provided gift ideas can help you find your inner creative side that you can also share with friends and family. Everyone loves a unique gift and I believe that if you gift your people with any of the gifts above, it’ll leave them in shock! 


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