Student trainers manage new protocols to avoid COVID

by Lily Moran | staff writer

In light of Covid-19 student trainers have had to alter their class that involves hands-on learning.

“Being a trainer is really hands on and hard to do over zoom, the meetings over zoom were so weird in comparison to being on the field,” junior Ayanna Mavromatis said. “Not being able to see the people in person, or having the ability to help rehabilitate someone really sucked initially but it got better as time progressed.”

As school opened up the trainers had to take new safety precautions.

“This year we’re all wearing masks just like everyone else, we all wear gloves upon coming into contact with another person. Hand sanitizer has become a huge part of my day to day life just because of what’s going on,” Mavromatis said. “We clean a lot more and attempt social distance, but that doesn’t really work with having to tape or wrap a player up.”

Despite Mavromatis dealing with new protocol changes, she remains hopeful for the year.

“It’s gone a lot smoother than I thought it would’ve. I thought it was going to be really hard to get everything done efficiently and safely, but we’re doing really good as a team this year,” Mavromatis said.

But there have been some difficulties so far this year.

“Wrapping wrists and arms in the gloves has no doubt been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, the tape always gets stuck to everything and it is so chaotic,” Mavromatis said. “Another hard thing is staying on top of the players trying to use the water bottles and stuff without letting us help, it’s a rigorous process.”

Not only do safety measures have to be followed in class, but they also need to be followed at the games.

“We all socially distance and wipe everything down after the players come to and from the benches, mask stay on the entire time, no excuses, and we all do our part to keep one another safe,” Mavromatis said.

While the phases continue to progress Mavromatis wishes that certain aspects from the new changes will stay permanently.

“I want the way we all work together to stay, the players have all been really cooperative and it’s been great for everyone, there has been minimal problems and smooth sailing so far,” Mavromatis said.

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