The Tiktok trends you may – or may not – care about

by  Lily Moran | staff writer

With Covid-19 giving people more time at home, Tiktok has become a main source of entertainment, with people making videos expressing themselves through new dances, new makeup looks, or even just making funny content, these types of videos cause trends on Tiktok.

 Trends can be defined as content repeated by different users causing popularity.

“TikTok to me has gotten much more entertaining. Before it was mostly lip syncing but now people do all kinds of things on TikTok,” senior Amaya Suarez said. “The trends vary and the people do too.”

The trends on Tiktok right now have seemed to have caught the  attention from students.

 “I really like these recent trends, they seem to boost people’s confidence and let me show themselves off, it’s nice to see people happy in their skin and enjoy the app,” Suarez said.

However there are students who do not like the trends on Tiktok or even Tiktok itself.

“I have enjoyed the past trends but these new ones I haven’t enjoyed too much, I feel like they could be better,” junior Kahyin Rasher said. “I’m just not interested but I do love Tiktok.”

“I do not have Tiktok because I don’t like it but I see trends sometimes on my Instagram and those videos are not for me,” junior Dariel Burton said. “ I prefer watching trends on Instagram or YouTube but not Tiktok,”

Even though some students have enjoyed the trends they have personally not participated in making these trending videos.

“I don’t participate in the trends because I would rather be entertained rather than entertain people,” senior Celeste Rodriguez said.

The Tiktok algorithm which is a technique that plays more videos that interest the user has a big part of trends taking off according to some of the students.

“The TikTok algorithm does have an influence, you see more of what you interact with and like, and over time everyone will start to see more of the same videos because we all like the same things,”  Rasher said. 

Tiktok influencers such as Charli Demelio, Addison Ray, and others have become a big influence on if videos trend or not.

“ Usually trends are started by normal people doing something cool and then the influencers do it because that’s basically their job, then it takes off even more to the point that it is everywhere on Tiktok,” Suarez said.

Eventually these trends do not stay trending, new ones come along after these lose their popularity.

“Trends do not last as long because the hype dies down. For example, if a new tv show is out and the trend correlates with the show, once the hype of the show dies down, so will the trend,” Rasher said.

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