Band begins its indoor season

by Katie Barton | staff writer

During the second semester band starts its concert or indoor season which means new safety measures will be added to keep students and staff safe.

For indoor band, we are going to balance splitting up WW and Brass indoors to have smaller groups that we can distance chairs/stands and also rehearsing the groups outside,” Band Director Jarrett Lipman said. 

During concert season students are able to participate in a variety of events including Concert Band, Jazz Band, Full Orchestra, Chamber Music, and Solos. However, these events might look different compared to what they have been in previous years. 

“Socially distanced/limited audience for UIL ,” Lipman said. “Outdoor concerts on the parking lot for spring – still socially distanced, but with a larger audience.”

With COVID there’s also the possibility of students being quarantine which brings more challenges for how to deal with students not being in ensembles, but band also has found ways to deal with this issue.“Doubling solos, doubling parts, and making sure that we have lots of back-up plans to get all of the parts covered,” Lipman said. 

Preparing students for concerts is also an important part of a band directors job. 

“Ensure that all students can play their individual parts at a high level, then teach them during classes how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make something really musical,”  Lipman said.

Band also has class for students who want to stay completely virtual.   

band students on the band pad
Students take a seat on the band pad for a wind clinic in early January.

“For the spring, we are having all virtual students meet in a single class period together to ensure we have dedicated teachers to work with them and that they are not just watching a band rehearsal online,” Lipman said. “We want them engaged and active during their 90 minute band class.”

Marching season and concert season are very different for both students and directors. 

“Marching season feels like we are on an expressway going 100mph all the time. When concert season hits, it feels like we are cruising with the top down on country roads at a slower pace,” Lipman said. “It’s just as enjoyable a journey, but it feels a lot calmer.”

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