Johnson soccer’s new season, and regulations

by Isai Carmona | staff writer

With soccer only days away from starting their season, coaches are doing everything in order to continue the season safely. Considering all the new challenges faced head on, this upcoming season, head girls soccer coach Scott Stone can only hope for the better.

“We’re having to overcome the idea of having players that would normally be healthy and available, all of a sudden not available for two weeks,” Stone said.

Losing a player for two weeks could jeopardize not only the roster, but the entire season.

“It could be as many as five to six games, It would cause a significant swing on our whole season,” Stone said.

This is only the hypothetical side of the story; because of rules and regulations, masks won’t be the only thing these players will have to get used to.

“We are trying to find ways for students to travel in smaller groups, instead of large groups in the buses, when possible: and that’s if the parents are okay with it,” Stone said.

Surprisingly, there are more than just a few COVID related rules our coaches must follow in order to have their team participate in games.

“We don’t provide water to them anymore, they have to bring their own. All sorts of stuff, there’s lots of little ways that we do everything now. We have to keep track of who’s exposed to who, because we have to go up to contact traces,” Stone said. “It’s a very different world us coaches are experiencing this year.”

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