Students will take STAAR in-person in April

by Katie Barton | staff writer

 Though the STAAR test was waived last year, this year students will have to take STAAR tests in person April 9-12.

“The state has said all testing has to be proctored and administered on campus,” counselor Courtney Tarbox said.

While there are options for taking the test online, the test still has to be taken on campus. Instead of being in big groups, however, students will be split into smaller groups for testing.

“We will of course need to be testing students in a much smaller settings,” Tarbox said. “The district has outlined that they want, probably groups of 20 or less.”

Students that do not come to campus to take their STAAR test will have come up to campus to make it up at a later date.

“There are other testing opportunities in the summer. Typically that last week in June and then also there is a week of STAAR testing in December as well,” Tarbox said.

 Students must take their English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S. History STAAR tests, or they will not be able to graduate.

 “Students still have to have their passing STAAR test of those five areas to meet graduation requirements,” Tarbox said.

While the STAAR will count towards student’s graduation requirements the STAAR will not be counted toward campus ranking.

“This year the state of Texas is suspending the accountability rating for campuses,” Tarbox said. “So, in other words, that STAAR test is still needed for the student to take for their requirement, but that they will not be issuing the letter grade for Campuses based on STAAR test.”


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