Johnson Basketball heads to playoffs

by Isai Carmona | staff writer

With the Johnson Basketball season coming to an end, Coach Desmarais is preparing her team to reign supreme in the coming tournament. After beating Reagan last Friday, Feb 5, the plan is to progress each week as they attempt to take the state title.

Coach Desmarais is confident with her team’s ability.

“Our roster looks good, we actually are a very young team. Last year we had five freshmen and five sophomores.” Desmarais said.

About half of the girls have been on the varsity team since freshman year, and have experience playing in varsity level playoffs.

“Those ten are now juniors and sophomores, we added two freshmen to the roster, and then we have one lone senior: Kelly Wakefield, we’ll miss her.” Desmarais said.

With Covid-19 still present, some changes had to be made, but nothing exerted much influence for the team’s performance.

“It’s been different, it has not necessarily been shorter in terms of time, but it’s been less games.” Desmarais said.

Nonetheless Coach Desmarais, and her team, had to adapt to the changes COVID-19 has had on their season.

“There was a time period of about a month where we were off completely.” Desmarais said. “It’s also been less time in the gym, since pre-season, we had to work out outside and watch the girls via-zoom.”

All in all, Coach Desmarais is doing everything she can to have the team stay in the game.

“We have to wear masks but the girls are playing, we’re practicing everyday, and we’re able to play games right now: it’s just fewer games.” Desmarais said. “Other than that it’s been nice now that we’re back in the gym.”

The team as a whole is still taking all the precautions they can in order to not only keep the players safe, but keep playing.

“We haven’t had any incidents that have been detrimental to their health, or affected the girls around them.” Desmarais said. “We as a team have been very very fortunate. It just makes me grateful, every day, to play.”

Coach Desmarais still manages to remain humble through it all, especially in times like these, when standing too close to someone can turn one’s whole world upside down.

“I wake up every day and I thank God for the opportunity to play, and we have been very fortunate, the girls have been very healthy.” Desmarais said.

With a win against Reagan, girls basketball will be beginning their season Thursday Feb 11.

“We got a tough row ahead of us, but were taking it one game at a time.” Desmarais said.

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