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For Valentine’s day, The San Antonio Zoo is holding their second annual Cry Me a Cockroach event that allows patrons to name a roach or rodent after their ex and then watch it be eaten by a reptile. 

Roaches cost $5, rats cost $25, and there is also a new herbivore option– perfect for vegetarians– that costs $5. 

The Cry Me a Cockroach fundraising event was a huge success for San Antonio Zoo in 2020 and we decided to bring it back this year,” the Zoo Spokesperson said. “It was well-received by the public last year and we brought it back bigger.”

Not only was the 2020 fundraiser a hit in San Antonio, but people from all around the world decided they also wanted to get some closure from their ex by watching a symbolic rat of them get devoured.  Last year had over 5,000 donors from 25 different countries, proving that the fundraiser is a great way to release that pent-up anger a bothering person has left. 

“The second-annual Cry Me a Cockroach fundraising event is a great way to support the San Antonio Zoo from anywhere in the world,” the zoo spokesperson said. “ In fact, as of February 5th, we have had all 50 United States represented as well as 18 countries from around the world.”

Not only can you name a roach after your ex, but you can name them after anyone that has left a sore spot in your heart or for the fun and novelty of the event. 

“Many people feel others may have wronged them, whether it be in a relationship or by some other means,” the zoo spokesperson said. “To symbolically name your submission may be a healthy way for some to close the door to their past while helping to feed one of our many wonderful animals.”

The 2020 Cry Me a Cockroach fundraiser had an influx of people attributing their roaches or rats with creative names like “My Biggest Mistake” or “He Who Shall Not Be Named.”

“I enjoy seeing the originality of some of our guests and patrons,” the zoo spokesperson said. “It is just one more way of making this event and the submissions, theirs.”

So while the person submitting a name for their roach ultimately benefits from healing their broken heart, the San Antonio Zoo also benefits from the funds raised by them.

 “Our zoo is a non-profit organization and the money we raise goes directly to supporting projects such as animal habitat upgrades and feeding all of our animals,” the zoo spokesperson said. 

With the funds going toward a good cause for the animals, it’s all the more reason to donate. You can name a cockroach here:

“On Valentine’s Day, beginning at approximately 10:00 a.m. guests can view the Cry Me a Cockroach feeding frenzy on San Antonio Zoo’s social media channels,” the zoo spokesperson said. “It is an easy and unique and fun way to support San Antonio Zoo.”


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