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With course selections coming up and finding the right classes are a must, with the help from upperclassmen here are the best and worst AP and non AP classes to take.

“I personally recommend taking AP classes as a freshman and a sophomore cause personally it taught me how to take proper notes from textbooks which helped me for the rest of highschool,” senior Kristen Crawford said. 


For science classes upperclassmen have a list of what is worth it and those that aren’t.

“The best science classes to take are earth and space, forensic science, and for AP you could do AP environmental science AP physics, they are fun and the exams aren’t too bad.” 

-senior Breeze Cruz.

“AP bio might be little challenging but Mr. V is such a great teacher that the material won’t be so bad,”

-senior Giovanna Cordova

“I know to fulfill a science endorsement you have to take this class but if you don’t, do not take AP Chem, it can be very hard and it takes up most of my homework time, but if science is a strong suit for you then try it out,”

-junior Mia Ross


Underclassmen might find it challenging for what math to take but here are some great options.

“Besides the required math courses students should definitely take Pre-AP algebra 2, college algebra is a great class to prepare for what college math looks like, if you are looking for a challenge take Pre-Cal on Ramps it takes effort but it is worth it, if  math isn’t a subject you are good at I would just take regular maths for all 4 years of high school,”

-senior Nick Burdo


There are many ways to get the social studies credit needed, there are also some that are just fun to take.

“I recommend taking AP human geography as a freshman, if you pay attention you will be fine, AP World History is very hard especially the test, take the Pre-AP version, AP US history is worth it because it makes the STARR seem easy, for your senior year take AP Macroeconomics it is really simple, but I would take regular government for a simple semester,”

-senior Chris Leyva


With English classes there are less options but that doesn’t mean these classes aren’t enjoyable.

“Every English class you take should be AP or Pre-AP, they are not hard at all plus you can get a college credit through them,” 

-senior Elizabeth Jones


Unlike the limited options for english, elective classes have a much broader range of options.

“I would say whatever you have a passion for or whatever interests you, take it for electives because they are just fun ways to learn new things, I don’t think there is a single elective that isn’t fun in some way,” 

-junior Isabella Santos

If students are still unsure of what to take teachers and counselors will guide them in the right direction.

“When I was having trouble with my classes my counselor and some teachers really helped find classes I liked and classes that filled my endorsement,” Senior Elizabeth Jones said.

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