Girls soccer returns after last year’s season being canceled

by Lily Moran| staff writer

With the girls soccer team season getting canceled last year they are finally able to  have a season to play this year despite having to deal with changes from the pandemic.

“It honestly feels great to be back, it is a relief to get our season to take our minds off all the crazy stuff that was happening,” senior Cicellia Almazan said.

Even though they are playing again they are still affected from last year’s season being canceled.

“It is pretty upsetting since we were going to playoffs too, it felt like we were just robbed of a really good season, it also really sucked since we couldn’t really say our last goodbyes to our previous seniors and I wish I could play one more game with them,” Almazan said.

Because of the cancellation of last year, team members were unsure of how this year was going to turn out.

“I didn’t realize how serious corona really was until our season was gone; because of it I honestly wasn’t sure if we  were gonna have a season at all this year,” senior  Lilly Valdez said.

The worries were high for this upcoming season because of all the unexpected changes the team had to deal with  this year.

“I was worried that our team wouldn’t be strong this year because we lost some good seniors and I wasn’t sure if some of them could fill their shoes,” senior Aja Laun said.

At first there were some struggles between the team but now they have seemed to overcome those challenges.

“The season started a bit rough since for the longest time we couldn’t practice and get to know each other, what was  really hard in the beginning was getting used to wearing maxis while we practiced ,slowly everyone stopped complaining but it definitely wasn’t easy,” Alazan said. “I think that because of all the hardships everyone is having our team all had something in common and now we’re all pretty good friends which is really nice,”

This season has definitely been hard and different but there are still high hopes for this team.

“Everyone is happy to be playing together and there is never a dull moment this season, we are here to have a good time and see how far we can go,” Laun said.


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