Underclassmen voice their opinions on the new schedule

by Lily Moran| staff writer

NEISD has recently released the new class schedule for next school year. Because of the major changes from this year’s schedule to the new schedule, underclassmen have voiced their opinions on the new modifications.

“I do not like the new schedule, it looks messy and confusing for a school schedule,” sophomore Giuliana Rameriez said. 

Students who are in opposition to the new schedule gave their reasons as to why they are not in favor of the changes.

“Just by looking at how classes are set up it is very difficult to grasp, it doesn’t make sense why we get out at different times or why I randomly have my classes spaced out not in order,” sophomore Isabella Trevino said. 

Even though the new schedule is surrounded around school the effects go beyond for some students.

“It will affect me a lot because I am now working and I need that time to go in and I feel like my days will be exhausting and hard because of the complicated schedules,” Trevino said. 

Other students who have concerns wish that NEISD would clarify some of the confusion they have.

“I need help understanding why we have a thing called a skinny Monday, why did the schedule even need to change and why can’t we start and end at the same times, that is really going to affect other students’ schedules,” junior Kahyin Rasher said. ” NEISD should release even more information before the school year starts,”

Because of the changes, students prefer the schedule to remain the same as this year’s schedule, however NEISD can not keep this year’s schedule because TEA requires a certain amount of minutes in a school day and asynchronous was hindering the minutes this year.

“I would prefer to stay on the same schedule as this year, I think it is easier for everyone who is both doing online and in person, especially those who do sports or any other extracurricular,” Rasher said.

Though the changes are finalized and may not be as liked, next year still remains in high hopes for students.

“Just because I do not like the schedule does not mean next year is automatically going to be bad, I am hopeful that the changes are just a minor inconvenience in a good year,” sophomore Zeinab Zaid said.

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