NEISD eases limited COVID protocols

by Isai Carmona | staff writer

Outdoor campus mask mandates have been lifted after further information was received from Health Services and the CDC.

“We felt comfortable outdoors,” Principal Gary Comalander said. “If kids in PE, athletics, or recess in elementary schools, are keeping social distance from each other then it is their option to remove their mask outdoors.”

This new protocol could change if an increase in COVID-19 cases is detected.

“If they cannot keep social distancing or doing some type of contact activity, then they would need to wear their mask,” Comalander said.

It should also be noted that this will only apply to students in both athletic and recreational courses.

“This does not apply to standing around in the courtyard or waiting at the bus stop,” Comalander said.

Parents will be able to choose whether or not their student has the choice to take their masks off during these activities.

“Parents have the option, especially at the elementary and middle school level, to let the teachers and coaches know that they do not want their child having the option to remove their mask,” Comalander said.

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