Options for those wishing to take AP exams online

by Tala Kamil | staff writer

College Board has recently announced options for students wishing to take their AP exams online rather than in-person.

“I think offering multiple administrations of the AP Exams this year is the right thing to do as there are many online students who simply cannot attend large gatherings of any kind; this includes a testing room for AP Exams,” AP biology teacher Nicole Nickells said. 

Registration dates play a huge role in campus based planning and students need to keep an eye out for that.

“I hope that students do some research into the pros and cons of digital administration for their tests before making decisions! For example, the second window will conflict with final exams at CTJ,” AP chemistry teacher Elisa Compton said.

Before electing to take their AP exams online, students need to be aware of some elements that come with remote administration.

“The online exams also won’t allow students to revisit a problem after they have looked at it– no skipping a question and coming back to it later,” Compton said.

From Compton’s point of view, the original administration date is highly suggested. 

“I have recommended my students take the first administration date, May 7, because of that. NEISD is only doing the paper administrations for calculus, statistics, physics, and chemistry, which I think is a good idea–it is hard to type math and equations without a lot of practice,” Compton said.

According to Nickells, students deserve equal treatment in AP testing. 

“These online students have worked just as hard as my in-person students and deserve the opportunity to test without penalty or placing themselves and their loved ones in danger,” Nickells said.

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