Students, teachers have been experiencing an increase in student apathy

by Rebecca Griffith | staff writer

The virtual learning environment has made it difficult for students to be successful in class. Teachers and students alike have been changing how they approach their work to help increase grades. 

“When I was online, I didn’t learn anything at all. It wasn’t the teachers fault, I just didn’t have the work ethic for it, so my grades really suffered until I came back in-person,” junior Rain Antunes said. 

Distractions and problems with focusing have made virtual learning difficult for every student.

“It’s been more difficult because if you’re doing online, it’s harder to learn because you can’t focus as much than if you were in person,” sophomore Ella Vo said. 

The virtual school setting has changed many ways teachers and students have approached lessons and assignments. 

“For most of my classes, units have been condensed into one week of learning instead of a whole period of it, so for tests it’s been really weird to cram study for them in such a short amount of time,” Antunes said. 

Teachers have been adjusting their lessons to help increase student interaction.

“My teacher in my AP Environmental Science class, Mrs. Lockridge, I appreciate her so much because she has made it so easy to be able to learn in that class even though everything is condensed. We still get to learn through review games, review labs, and walk around activities,” Antunes said. 

Grades have been dropping even for students who are usually on top of their classes.

“I’ve usually been really on top of my grade, school’s very important to me, but I was failing like 75% of my classes, and the ones that I wasn’t failing I was barely passing,” Antunes said. 

Many students say that they prefer in person learning because learning is easier for them on campus.

“I came back because it was just harder to focus online, I came back so I can learn easier,” Vo said. 

It is important for virtual students to hold themselves accountable for their grades and assignments. 

“I say if you’re still at home just make sure to stay to that schedule and have your friends hold you accountable,” Rain Antunes said. 

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