Rising seniors are now limited to one period of early release

The 2021-2022 school year schedule has made changes limiting seniors to only one period of senior early release.

“The state of Texas has transitioned, for high schoolers, from requiring a minimum of 5 credits to now they require a certain number of instructional minutes,” head counselor Courtney Tarbox said. “That created a situation where now our seniors are only able to have one period of senior early release instead of two for the next school year,” 

The changes were made after students turned in their class selections for next year. 

“I was really disappointed with the timing of it, I met with a lot of juniors and I know a lot of students who have worked very hard to get their classes taken care of, and they were really looking forward to having those two periods off,” Tarbox said. 

The changes would give rising seniors an opportunity to take another elective and help them prepare for college and their future career.

“On one hand it kind of does mean that senior are forced to choose another class to put in place of seventh period, which could be a good thing considering that some kids don’t know what they want to do yet even in senior year so adding an extra class could help them figure it out,” junior Valeria Lobo-Gonzalez said.

Students are able to apply for the Career-prep Co-op program to earn credit in place of a second early release period. 

“I know a lot of seniors like to take their time off because they want to start a part time job, and students can earn credit by being a part of the Career-prep Co-op program,” Tarbox said. 

Some rising seniors are disappointed because of the changes, and have to adjust their schedule for next year.

“I myself am kind of annoyed because I was looking forward to getting out of school two classes early,” Lobo-Gonzalez said.

Rising seniors would be able to indicate whether or not they want a period of early release or late arrival.

“There will be an early release application form, and on the application students will indicate if they want their first period off, late arrival, or if they want eight period off, early release,” Tarbox said.

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