Wrestling team promote on Twitter, Instagram

by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer

Individual Johnson sports have been creating their own media pages separate from the main Johnson High School Instagram and Twitter which showcase all Johnson sports. Some sports have their own twitter, instagram, and even their own tiktok. 

“I believe that it is important to have a well-executed social media presence,” assistant wrestling coach Gary Taylor said. “If it is done right you can keep the community knowledgeable about what you are doing as a program. I think with the way the world consumes news that if you are not using it to promote your program you are missing out.”

The Johnson wrestling team has their own active twitter and instagram where they frequently post on.

“We promote upcoming wrestling events such as duals and tournaments,” Taylor said. “We live stream; we used Instagram live during the district, regional, and state tournaments for parents and followers who couldn’t make it to the tournaments.  We broadcast the results from the events and individual wrestler achievements. Overall our social media presence is trying to promote wrestling in the community with the hopes of raising awareness and participation.”

Their social media pages are prominent, having over 300 followers on Twitter and over 500 on Instagram.

“A majority of the content that is posted and created is taken care of by our JPA Rep. Julian Guerra,” Taylor said. “He has a background in the sports market and has a real talent for it and is responsible for building our following online.”

Taylor expresses that they’ve benefited from their media pages. Broadcasting information through their media pages has allowed them to reach a wider audience.

“We have generated interest in Johnson Wrestling that wouldn’t otherwise have been there,” Taylor said. We have been able to promote the achievements of our athletes to members of the community that wouldn’t have heard about it in another way.”

Their media pages are open and welcome to anyone that is interested in Texas wrestling. You can find them at @CTJWRESTLING on twitter and @jaguarwrestling on instagram.

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