Burger Boy opens its doors to its latest location in north central SA

by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer

Burger Boy recently announced the grand opening of their newest location on 151 W Bitters on 281, and now fans of the burger company can enjoy the food at the company’s fourth location in San Antonio’s north central area.

The native San Antonio burger company first opened its doors in 1985 on the St. Mary’s Strip, and since then has opened locations on Potranco Rd, W Loop 1604, and now has debuted its fourth location on Bitters at Hwy 281. Its new location provides customers not only the food they adore, but gives the restaurant a new look. 

This location, which was under renovation to be 2,300 square feet, has a modern aesthetic in comparison to its sister locations. It was constructed with a complete glass window entry with a view of the interior. When you enter the restaurant, you will be met with the present-day designs, along with seating for the customers.  

The signature Burger Boy burger with fries and a chocolate milkshake

Burger Boy itself has a variety of food to choose from such as their signature Burger Boy burger, Corn Dog, Hot dog, and more. Customers have a great selection of milkshakes, such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Big Red, as well as their limited time Almond Joy milkshake. From their menu, I selected their signature Burger Boy, along with their chocolate shake. At first glance their burger reminded me of Whataburger, however the taste spoke for itself.

The burger in itself was simplistic in both taste and looks, such a burger reminded me of those served in White Castle with more toppings. Burger Boy provides customers with a simple yet tasty burger which makes it the perfect choice when you want to eat at a fast food restaurant and pay little for it, which in this case would be $4.09 for their signature Burger Boy. 

The chocolate milkshake was equally as appealing. It was a simple chocolate shake with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles for only $2.99. The shake was rich and thick and the taste of chocolate complimented the richness of the shake, however the sweetness wasn’t overwhelming which is perfect in that it wasn’t too sweet for those who aren’t a sweet tooth. 

Overall, Burger Boy is the perfect place for those who want their money’s worth and don’t want anything too complex, providing customers with simple yet delicious food. The local restaurant chain also plans on opening a new location within the Live Oak area, which is expected to open sometime within early 2022. 

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