Appreciate the art of museums this summer with these exhibitions in San Antonio

by Monica Smith | staff writer

With an ample amount of free time during summer break, it’s important to dedicate a slice of it to appreciate the local art around San Antonio. It’s often that museums can be overlooked and presented as unexciting because of the expectation that all they have to offer is a surplus amount of static paintings and sculptures. But in reality, museums offer a lot more than just art simply being showcased. 

To prove that museums are anything but boring, here is a list of museums that are displaying unique events, exhibitions, interactive art, and much more. 

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition

If you have any small fraction of knowledge about art, you’d know about the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by renaissance artist Michealego. The ceiling is famous for leaving people in utter awe at the incredible details and bold colors but also simply just the fact it was all painted on a ceiling rather than a traditional canvas. Since the Sistine Chapel is indeed not located in San Antonio, Texas creative teams have thought of a modern way to display the work to people who wish to view it. Instead of squinting at the ceiling to see the painting, attendees are able to admire it through a life-sized reproduced way that ensures you see even the tiniest of details you wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. Taking place at Lambermonts Events, the exhibit is something to highly consider if you wish to admire a masterpiece of Michelangelo up-close and personal. 

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Frida Kahlo Oasis 

Located in the San Antonio Botanical Garden is an exhibition dedicated to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who is widely known for her famous self-portraits. Rather than typically displaying pieces of art, the exhibition offers a refreshing way to learn more about Kahlo through her bond with Mexican native vegetation and the nature of the world. Frida Kahlo’s Oasis arranges a garden of Mexican native plants, a re-edition of her iconic blue house, six inspired sculptures of animals that are often featured in her own paintings, as well as programs and workshops that give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves into Kahlo’s history and influence. This exhibit is perfect for people who wish to connect with Kahlo’s perspective and learn more about Mexican culture. 

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San Antonio Museum of Art Events and Exhibitions

One of the more well-known art museums in San Antonio is constantly featuring fun and creative exhibitions. One of my personal favorites they are displaying right now is Movie Metal which features iconic vehicles from popular movies and TV shows (perfect for people interested in cars, entertainment, or even both). The museum also offers a ton of events over the summer which you can check out on their calendar. From movie nights to virtual learning with credible artists, family events, and markets, the San Antonio Museum is a great place to rely on for a fun summer day out. 

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The McNay

One of the current Exhibitions Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art features an infinity room by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

Simply going to the McNay can be fun given the beautiful architecture and calming environment, but the museum also holds a surprising amount of varying exhibitions that are worth visiting this summer. 

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Van Goh beyond Immersive Experience 

Although located in Austin, this exhibit is too unique not to mention. The immersive experience mimics what it feels like to walk through an actual Van Gogh painting and creates an incomparable new way of enjoying art. 

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Honorable mentions that don’t have any Summer events but are still worth checking out:  

  • The San Antonio Fire Museum is a hidden gem to San Antonio that gives an opportunity to check out the history of firefighters and their trucks. 
  • Ripley’s San Antonio if you want to experience real-life optical illusions and look at wax figures.
  • And last but not least, Hopscotch for cool Instagram pictures.   
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