Students begin adjusting to a more normal school year

by Gabriella Krengel | staff writer 

With the 2021-2022 school year starting in person, many students realize how much they preferred virtual learning. 

Social studies teacher Ruth Kimmel adjusts to working with her students remotely.

“I personally liked it better online, I feel it worked better for me and my schedule,” senior Ryann Seaholm said.

For some students, virtual learning also helped reduce the everyday stress students get from in-person learning.

“I feel like when I was online I got to work really at my own pace, and also like I work a lot so being at school and switching from doing all this work then going to my work directly after school can be really overwhelming,” Seaholm said.

Now, with students having to go back to school, interacting with their peers can be harder than ever.

“Yeah, I feel like definitely over like the corona quarantine break, I definitely became like a lot more introverted,” Seaholm said. “So being back and being around so many people is just like really nerve-racking.”

But, Seaholm still has things she does to help deal with the pressure.

“Well, I do have career prep so I do get off pretty early, I get off after the fifth period which has been my main motivation cause it’s like, I only have to go to school for like four or five hours then I get off, so it’s good, and the other thing that’s been helping me is like probably just seeing my friends and just like looking forward to leaving,” Seaholm said. “I’m definitely trying to be more organized, I feel like this year is just going to be so chaotic so I definitely wanna try to be more organized, I’m not the most naturally organized person but I’m trying my hardest right now.”

STAN Counselor Lisa Williams says part of making the transition back is all about taking little steps. 

“Well, just, first of all, understand it is a matter of getting back to the routine of school, the fear of the unknown is usually greater than when you actually do the activity or attend school, as far as tips I think making sure you have a good schedule and idea of what you’re going to do during the day, cause knowing what’s going on will help,” Williams said. “If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious you can do belly breathing which is a technique that helps you breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest which helps calm your heart down, once you get into class just know you’re not alone that other students are feeling the same thing. You know, you just have to convince yourself that it’s gonna be okay.”

Although, students should keep in mind the things that might work for one classmate might not work for you.

“For some students, if they fill up their whole day it helps them not to feel those negative thoughts and the negative doubts, but for other students having stuff planned for every moment doesn’t help them and makes them feel overwhelmed, so you kinda have to know yourself and know what works for you, so if something isn’t working, then try something else,” Williams said.

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