Students form Women’s Liberation Club to discuss politics, history

by Chloe Jordan | feature editor

The Women’s Liberation Club is expected to start soon if it is approved on September 17. 

“Basically, it’s just to get people to think,” junior Sidney Uy Tesy said. “My only job in the club is to present women’s history, women’s rights, and then ask people what they think about it, just to get them involved in anything they want to do in the feature – maybe political.”

Senior Alex Graelles sits at a desk, facing the camera, wearing a red checkered dress with a black undershirt.
Alex Graelles is the vice president of the soon-to-be Women’s Liberation Club.

According to Uy Tesy, starting the club has been a long process. She came up with the idea for the club last year and recently started filling out paperwork for it, created a constitution, wrote a letter, and encouraged people to sign up. 

“People just think it’s just a club for women,” Uy Tesy said. “It caters to anyone because you can be a woman and still be queer and still be a minority and still care about these things.”

Uy Tesy is the club’s current president, while senior Alex Graelles serves as the current vice president. When the second club meeting starts, an election will be held for leadership roles.

“There is no set agenda, other than just talking about women’s rights and women’s rights in the constitution, mainly,” Uy Tesy said. “But, we’ve decided that, ‘hey, why don’t we just ask our club members what they want to learn and let’s see if they want to present themselves’.”

With news like the recent fetal heartbeat bill passed by the Texas Senate, Uy Tesy believes there is lots to discuss – and there is a lot of interest.

Junior Sidney Uy Tesy faces the camera with a white mask.
Junior Sidney Uy Tesy is the president of the upcoming Women’s Liberation Club.

“Me and Alex got I think 25 people to sign a permission form, but there’s still people who are interested in the club,” Uy Tesy said.

The club is expected to meet every Wednesday from 4:30-5:00, but is open to change if there are schedule conflicts.

“Well, the main objective of the club is to get people to think and speak their opinion,” Uy Tesy said. “And, this club, yes it’s mainly catered to female students because they don’t talk a lot in class, and this is a great opportunity for them to talk about what they like.”

The club will be sponsored by Mr. Felux and held in A247.

“The club is open to anybody,” Uy Tesy said. “You don’t have to be a woman or a female student to join, but if you’re interested, if you like it, just please contact me or Alex Graelles to join.”

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