Teachers have to adjust classes for the new year

 by Katie Barton|staff writer

Teachers this year are working to ensure that students are caught up in order to fill any gaps that students may have experienced last year.

“We always talk to the [teacher] teams for the class before us and ask them what they covered, what they didn’t cover,” math teacher Margot Arnold said. “If there’s any areas where they think that we need to add a little bit of reinforcement this year.”

Every year teachers talk to each other about the information their classes last year learned to make sure that students do not have gaps in their learning. 

“In Algebra II, we covered everything we normally do except maybe left out a few topics here and there,” Arnold said.

In the past two years school classes and schedules have been through many changes and are just now getting back to normal.

“I do feel that it’s different and more difficult to learn things now since classes went at a slower pace when we were virtual,” senior Cameryn Waskow said.

If students feel behind, there are several ways for them to catch up on their own. 

“If you’re behind, I think the first thing is to recognize that you’re behind and then do what you need to do to make sure you’re caught up,” Arnold said. “And know that all the faculty and staff at school are willing to help you.”

If students can’t make it to tutoring, there are websites and teacher videos that they can use as well.

“There’s Khan academy, there’s Mike’s math. Usually I would search by the topic,” Arnold said. 

A lot of teachers also post videos of what they did during class that students can use to help fill in their notes.

“What we provide for the students though, is a video posted by one of the teachers in the Google Classroom,” Arnold said.

Students should do what they need to do to get them selves prepared for their classes.

“So we have tutoring all the time, but it has to, I think, sort of be initiated by the students,” Arnold said.

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Katie Barton is a junior at Johnson high school and is the news editor for MyJagNews.

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