A photo of the restroom doors
Bathrooms continue to be a popular hangout spot for kids looking to skip class.

New TikTok challenge results in bathroom closures

by Katie Barton | news editor 

The “Devious Lick” Tik Tok trend has resulted in most of the bathrooms on campus to close until those causing the damage are caught.

“At our campus we’ve seen the Devious Lick Tik Tok challenge as many other campuses in North-East have,” assistant principal Steven Berg said. “We’ve had soap dispensers being taken; we’ve had vandalisms in our restroom.”

The items stolen from the restrooms as well as the vandalism in the restrooms have cost the school a little over a thousand dollars in damages.

“We, in the last three days, have probably had a couple hundred dollars worth of damage, and over the total like couple of weeks we’ve probably had maybe a little over thousand dollars worth of damage,” Berg said.

Students who are caught participating in this challenge will face consequences from the school.

“It could be in-school suspension. It could be out of school suspension. It could be an alternative school placement,” Berg said. “If there’s damage to some of our facilities, then we would seek restitution from that person or individuals as well.”

If students witness people participating in the challenge they should notify an adult on campus.

“Don’t confront that person right then and there. Just go report it to your teacher or a councillor or an assistant principal. Any adult on campus,” Berg said.

Administration has locked most of the restrooms on campus leaving on bathroom open on each floor so they can monitor the bathrooms more easily and help out school janitors.

“We have one open on the first floor A wing, second floor A wing, and third floor A wing just,” Berg said. “One of the biggest reasons we did that is because we have so few custodians. If we have all our bathrooms being vandalized, they just can’t keep up with that plus their normal duties as well.”

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