Johnson theatre has many new shows lined up for this school year

by Gabriella Krengel | staff writer

This year, the Johnson theatre department has several shows lined up, from a Shakespearean drama to senior directed plays.

“Our first show is The Tempest, that’s coming up at the beginning of October, we also have our haunted house that going to be on October 30 from 5 to 10 pm,” theatre teacher Megan Thompson says.

You can also find all show dates and ticket prices on the Johnson Theatre Website.

“We have silent sky which will be mid-November and is going to be our BlackBox show, then we have our musical which is Willy Wonka and that will be at the end of January, we have our one-act play which is going to be The Book of Will, which will be in March, and then our senior directed shows in May,” Thompson said.

If you are interested in participating there will be various opportunities this school year.

 “In November we will have auditions for musical, that is also open to the whole school, and then in December we’ll have auditions for UIL but that’s exclusively theatre classes, and then we will have senior-directed auditions in April which are open to the entire school,” Thompson said.

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