Class rings now available for class of 2023

by Karina Correa | tech editor

The window to buy class rings has opened, but some students are wondering if making the purchase is even worth it.

“I do not think buying a class ring is worth it overall,” junior Joseph Coursey said. “I feel that for the quality of jewelry being purchased, they are affordable. However, when considering that they’ll likely not be worn for more than a handful of occasions and will be left at one’s parents’ house in a drawer somewhere, the prices do seem rather steep,” 

But for some class rings can be a tactile memory of their high school years that will last a long time.

“They’re definitely worth it. The rings represent the memories of your high school years,” junior Ella Vo said. “It’s relevant so people know what extracurricular activities that you did in high school are. The prices are expensive because it takes a long to make a ring,”

And there’s always the option of spending that money on something else altogether.

“The only rings that I think are worth buying are college and marriage rings,” junior Isaac Enriquez said.

It can have different meanings for some people. For some, it might represent memories and to others pride or success. 

“The class rings arguably represent both one’s pride towards attending Johnson, [and those] who will likely not wear their rings enough for it to be considered a worthy purchase,” Coursey said.

Still, others feel there are better, less expensive ways to remember the time one spent in high school.

“I feel that a yearbook would be incomparably better than a class ring,” Coursey said. “While the ring can memorialize the journey one’s experienced, the yearbook memorializes the people one met along the way, and the people are what matter most.”

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