NEISD faces redistricting

by Katie Barton | news editor

The school board is redoing their board member’s districts. However, it’s important to note that no changes will be made to the attendance zones within the district.

“If a district that has a deviation of more than a 10%, we have to redistrict,“  school board president Shannon Grona said.

Every ten years after the census, if the population numbers within a board member’s district are uneven, they will redistrict to even out the population numbers.

“The district has prepared two proposals and they send out emails to all the parents in the district, asking them to look at the proposals,” Grona said.

 Maps of the different district zones as well as the two new proposals they can be found at .

“They are having three community meetings,” Grona said. “Just to share the information with the community they’re showing the maps.”

Two of these meetings have already passed but the final meeting is taking place on Nov. 10 at Roosevelt high school.

“An email was sent to the homeowners associations within the district to try and get their feedback because about 65%, 70% of our district are people that don’t have children in our schools,” Grona said.

This email was sent to ensure that all people within the NEISD area are aware of the change and can give input through a survey on the NEISD website. 

“We want to be able to hear from all members of community and not just our parents,” Grona said.  “We are encouraging everyone to go and look at these proposals and to complete the survey.”

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