Seniors get started on college resumes and essays

by Gaby Krengel | staff writer

With the first semester almost over some seniors are already finishing up their college essays and resume.

“The resume is actually the first thing I worked on before I did the essays, and I did that like during the summer and then I kinda updated it as I went along kinda depending on what the school wanted,” senior Avery Neale said.

Although colleges often have specific requirements, there are still some general things you should mention.

“So like with anything you have to obviously talk about your school and your GPA and any AP classes that you took, and then like work experience, but I think the most important thing was to put in extracurriculars that I hold leadership in,” Neale said.

Counselor Tenley Barrows says you should try to include any big thing you have done within the last couple of years.

“So for college resumes, they’re looking for a well-rounded student, so what that could mean like any volunteer work you may have done, any extracurricular activities, and then, of course, any like part-time jobs,” Barrows said.

But, there are still some things you may want to exclude from your writing.

“So for your college essay there are people that are reading it, they get tired of reading the same types of essays,” Barrows said, “so I know that one of our college reps was telling me to not talk about COVID because every student is using that, so she did not recommend using that in your college essay unless it was a very significant change, like if you had a parent that passed away and you had to overcome that.”

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