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Virtual conferencing is back up after a brief cancellation

by Gaby Krengel | staff writer

After the cancellation of virtual conferencing because of the lack of student use, it is back up and ready for students to use.

“Last week we got an email from [Superintendent] Sean Maika saying he wanted to move forward and continue the conferencing for the next couple of weeks,” assistant principal Sara Moseley said.

According to the Executive Director of Communication, Aubrey Chancellor, the conferencing was also canceled because The Texas Education Agency will not fund virtual learning for any public school in Texas.

“I think here at Johnson I have found that a majority of our students are just staying in contact with their teachers through email or Google Classroom, but I do think it is a very good thing that the conferencing is back up,” Moseley said.

Although there is no definitive time frame for how long it will stay up, for now, it is operating as normal.

“I’m glad it’s back up because I think if it helped any students we should keep it in place,” Moseley said.

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