Seniors offer course selection advise to underclassmen

by Katie Barton | news editor

It’s currently the time of year when students have begun selecting their courses for next school year. Some of the best people to ask for advice on this subject are the people who have already lived through it: seniors.

Keep an eye on your credits:

“Knock out your credits as soon as possible,” senior Maple Hagins said. “Because the you get a whole stretch of just elective classes and study hall periods when you’re in your upper-class years.”

Choose classes to help you when you go to college:

“Choose classes that you feel like you’re going to need in the future,” senior Leena Bery said. 

Don’t take AP classes that won’t help you in the future:

“AP classes aren’t really that important unless you feel like you’re going to go down that path,” Bery said. “I took AP Bio, but I’m not going to major in biology. So it was kind of a useless class for me.”

It’s okay to drop classes:

“I was told to take the hardest version of every class, every single chance possible. I did do that, but honestly it’s okay to drop,” Hagins said. 

Take classes that prepare you for adult life:

“Dollar and Cents is such an important class. It teaches you things about like taxes, how to pay for college scholarships, all that type of stuff,” Bery said. “I wish it was a required class, because I learned a lot.”

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