PALs applications now open for 2022-2023

by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief

PALs applications for the 2022-2023 school year are due March 16. Those selected to advance to the next step in the selection process will be notified and schedule an interview the week of March 21-25.

“There’s no requirements, we just want a real well-rounded person,” PALs co-sponsor Mandy LaCour said. “Obviously you can’t be failing, but we don’t take only if you have all A’s or only A’s and B’s. We understand that you can still be a good person and be good quality, even though you’re not at the high end of the grading scale.”

According to LaCour, between 40 and 50 PALs are selected each school year depending on how many students apply. PALs typically spend the class period off-campus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays where they serve as mentors to children in neighboring elementary schools.

“You are kind of like a mentor to elementary school kids,” LaCour said. “It’s important that you have qualities that are good for that, that you have good leadership qualities that you can understand and kind of get on the level of elementary school kids, that you’re responsible.”

When on-campus, PALs not only receive training, but also help staff with tasks such as recycling. PALs are required to clock 15 hours worth of community service to remain in the program.

“It really teaches you how to think about others and not just yourself,” LaCour said. “Really, I think it’s great for any occupation and world in which you have to deal with other people because it gives you a great behind-the-scenes; you never know what people are going through. You just have to keep that in mind and try to make everybody’s day better.”

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