New administrator arrives on-campus

by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief

Earlier this month, Sandi Veliz, an administrator from Fort Sam Houston ISD, was named as the school’s newest assistant principal.

“I always wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid,” Veliz said. “I was a teacher for four years and I taught English and US history and Spanish. They were always my favorite subjects to learn about in school myself.”

A Georgia native, Veliz’s career in education spans 14 years. She fills the vacancy left by Dr. Felicia Joiner, who left in December to become an administrator in Harlandale ISD.

“In Georgia, I was an assistant principal there and then from that, I became a director of special education. Then I was a principal for three years. And then I moved here to Texas and became an assistant principal,” Veliz said.

Previously, Veliz worked alongside Principal Gary Comalander at Barbara Bush Middle School.

“Middle School students are a little crazy, but I like that the most about them,” Veliz said. “High school students, I love that they’re trying to figure themselves out, learn who they are, try out different identities and starting to plan for the next steps of their life.”

Outside of the classroom, Veliz has three children, two of which are Johnson graduates, and has taught at many middle and high schools across Texas and her home state of Georgia.

“It’s such a big place and trying to learn students’ names has been very difficult, but every day I meet a new kid and I love that,” Veliz said. “I love being with the kids and watching information come alive for them, and watching them grow socially and emotionally as well.”

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