The difference between Saturday school and Saturday Academy

by Karina Correa | tech editor

Students who have been assigned or need to go to Saturday school or Saturday Academy may not know the difference.

“Saturday school is for students that have non-credit in the class,” assistant principal Sara Moseley said. “If you have eight days, on the ninth day, that’s what makes an AP call you down for Saturday school. Saturday Academy is something that we put together to help students that might need just academic help. So we have teachers there that help them work with credit recovery, credit protection, missing assignments, and late assignments,” Sara Moseley said.

Saturday Academy is free and students can show up even if they didn’t sign up, whereas Saturday school costs $8 and students have to sign up in the front office.

“An email has been sent to parents, and to all teachers knowing that, hey, get this out of your students, they can sign up and go to Saturday school,” Moseley said.

The next Saturday Academy sessions are on March 26 and April 2.

“When you go to Saturday school, you have to sit quietly and make up the time. You could bring work. I only have one teacher there, or two, to make sure students are there, they’ve checked in, and they’re getting their hours to do paperwork,” Moseley said.  “Saturday Academy has four teachers in each one of the core areas that know they’re coming in to ask questions or help reteach a concept. You can work in both of them, but if you want more academic help and want to ask more questions, there will be more teachers at the academy.”

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