How to sign up for the ACT

by Katie Barton | news editor

Students who want to take the ACT can sign up on the ACT website.

They would just go to and pick a test date,” counselor Brandy Weaver said.

On the ACT website students will be able to register to take the test, and the website will also give students the locations of these tests which are usually other high schools.

“It really is just where it’s being offered and where the student wants to take it,” Weaver said. 

The ACT covers english, math, reading, and science, and includes an optional essay section, which makes it different from the SAT test.

“Compared to the SAT, the ACT has science and the SAT does not,” Weaver said. 

There are several major differences between the SAT and the ACT 

“You get to use a calculator the entire test for ACT, whereas you don’t for the SAT,” Weaver said. 

The ACT is not required for every college, but students should be sure to check what tests their colleges require, and even if it’s not required, having a good ACT score can be very beneficial for students.

“So this can increase your chances of earning a better scholarships, which saves you money,” Weaver said. “And plus it is also a great tool for the colleges to see what courses to put you in.”

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