AV club competes in Bexar Film Festival

by Katie Barton | news editor

The Audio Visual Club created a Public Service Announcement which will be entered into the Bexar Film Festival. 

“Bexar Film Fest is a citywide competition where schools are paired up with a non-profit,” advanced photography teacher Bianca Pitman said.  “They create a three minute film plus graphic designs, as well as a series of images.”

This competition benefits both the students and the non-profit organizations they work with.

“The end result is something that the nonprofit can use free of charge,” Pitman said.

 “The students gain the experience of working in a professional setting.”

The competition provides students with educational content about the organizations around San Antonio.

“I feel like it just gives a bit more to San Antonio, more to nonprofits to educate people,” senior Ella Franklin said. “Let people know what’s going on.”

The club’s film this year was a PSA for Ransomed Life.

“We were sponsored by a local nonprofit company that helps educate and help people who were victims of sex trafficking and sex exploitation,” Franklin said.

The process of creating the films starts with discussions with the non-profit organization to decide on what they want from the film.

“We had to create storyboards, we had to create scripts, and planning, and then budgeting,” Franklin said. “Then we had to come up with days to film and then filming and then editing and just all that type of stuff.”

The club and competition gives students the opportunity to express their creativity and further explore the world of film making.

“I’ve always liked making films and stuff since I was in like middle school,” senior David Edgell said. “We just basically get creative freedom to do whatever.”

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