Students win state VASE competitions with various art mediums

by Gaby Krengel | staff writer

The state VASE is a prestigious competition where students from all over Texas can compete.

“At first you compete on a district level, and you get judged on a scale of one to four,” junior Samantha Sipes said. “They look at it and ask you some interview questions and those that get fours are like displayed and you get a medal.”

Getting to state is even more difficult, as only ten percent of the pieces that got fours get to move on.

“Obviously I was happy to get to state vase, honestly though not insanely shocked because I have been to state twice before so I wasn’t super surprised, but obviously it is like a really big honor to get like that far,” Sipes said.

“When the teacher, Mr. Williams, told us that we got to state vase I was super exited, I was really happy, I mean I had high hopes actually that I was gonna make it to state because I worked really hard on that particular piece but I was just ecstatic,” senior Angie Vasquez said.

Vasquez says that her particular piece took much longer than usual due to using charcoal, something she was not as familiar with.

“Yeah so my first time ever using charcoal was for this and I was freaking out the whole time. I was so proud of myself though because it turned out so good,” Vasquez said.

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