Senior awards April 25

by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief

The senior awards ceremony will be on April 25 in Littleton Gym in Blossom athletic center. Invitations were sent out earlier this month to nearly 500 seniors.

“Students graduating Summa, Magna, or Cum Laude will be given their honor cords,” senior class sponsor Megan Cobb said. “In addition to that, there’s academic awards that are given out [and] scholarship recipients that are being recognized.”

Aside from receiving honor cords, invited seniors may receive a departmental award for both core and elective classes.

““The teachers are asked out of all the students that you’ve taught, who exemplifies whatever that department’s ideals are. There’s not necessarily a grade or anything that goes along with it,” Cobb said. 

Recipients of the Jaguar, Principal’s and Superintendent’s awards are also recognized individually at the end of the ceremony.

“Jaguar awards, our teachers are asked to nominate one or two students that just go above and beyond and show the true Jaguar spirit,” Cobb said.

Though printed graduation programs have not been approved, they will be provided for senior awards. Students who are not able to attend the ceremony should have already contacted Cobb beforehand. They will be able to pick up awards they’ve missed in room A353.

“The seating charts have been made, all of the materials have been made. So if you can’t go, you just can’t go,” Cobb said.

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