AVID is recruiting students

by Katie Barton | news editor

AVID is now recruiting incoming freshmen and soon-to-be sophomores for the 2022-23 school year.

“I go to Tejeda and [Tex] Hill and I recruit eighth graders, and sometimes I will recruit current freshmen to join the program,” AVID teacher Addie Garcia-DuBravec said.

The process has two stages, starting with application.

“We select applicants to move on to the interview round,” Garcia-DuBravec said.  “And then after the interview round, they’re selected for the program.”

AVID is a college preparatory course that helps to get students ready for college.

“We work as a cohort all four years to prepare the students for college, help them gain college credit while they’re still in high school,” Garcia-DuBravec said. 

AVID also helps students when comes time to apply to colleges.

“It’s really good to have somebody in your corner to help you navigate all of that,” Garcia-DuBravec. “The process has changed a lot just in the last 10 years. Each college and university wants to do things just a little bit different.”

According to those in the program, AVID is helpful in getting students prepared for the real world.

“It pushes you to keep those good grades and challenge yourself with classes,” senior Piper Thai said. “I would recommend it if you have a set plan for life, it helps you confirm what you want to do later in life.” 

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