Exam exemption window open May 11-13

by Karina Correa | tech editor

Final exams will start on May 19 for seniors and May 23 for all underclassmen. 

“[Seniors] start earlier because they have to do graduation rehearsal and they have some other things they need to finish up and we have to make sure all their grades are in so that they can walk for graduation,” Moseley said.

Unlike last semester, students in AP classes will be able to exempt this semester if they have an 85 or higher, and less than nine absences in the semester.

“The first semester you cannot, the second semester you can, because those are tied into your GPA, and so when they do all the grades for GPA, they have to make sure that everyone took the class to test so it weighs correctly,” Assistant Principal Sara Moseley said.

The window for exemptions will be open from May 11 at 7:00 a.m. to May 13 at 4:30 p.m. on Skyward.

“If they’re able to exempt it, it’ll show up as something they can select. If they can’t exempt the class, it’ll be grayed out in Skyward,” Moseley said. “If you have discipline, any ISS placement in the ISS or alternative, you can’t exempt any tests and those will all be grayed out and you wouldn’t be able to select something.”

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