Feeling bubbly for this boba shop

by Chloe Jordan | Editor-In-Chief

Conveniently placed in close proximity to Johnson, the Tealicious Cafe shares a special spot in the parking lot across from Dunkin and Kuma. It’s located in the back right corner, in the same building as the Angkor Thai Bistro. However, this boba staple is often overlooked.The locations of Tealicious cafe are listed on a card standing on a counter by a window.

The location being in the thai restaurant is a brilliant concept, as it allows for customers paying for a good meal to also grab a satisfying, sugary drink afterwards. Because who doesn’t want a milk tea after their pad thai? It pairs together almost too perfectly.

A hand is holding a boba from Tealicious cafe in a car. The logo is pink and green and the drink is lemon milk slush with lychee poppers.Everybody. Likes. Boba. It has become arguably the most aesthetic and sought after beverage. It’s cravable, it’s unique, it’s diverse. Tealicious Cafe, without a doubt, has mastered this art of blending textures, creating exciting flavors, and creating a safe, cozy space for all.

I had purchased a lemon milk foam slush, which vaguely resembled the classic Chick-Fil-A frosted lemonade. Why vaguely? Because it surpassed it by miles. It was so refreshing, so different, and the flavor absolutely bursted. I chose to add lychee popping boba, which are vibrant and have a fun texture. It was worth the 75 cents to add another layer of freshness and aromatic fruit. The slush portion itself was soft as the snow Texas never receives and leaves you feeling like a cloud. It’s not too grainy or chunky or melty. It’s reached Goldilocks texture. And the milky lemon flavor, although sounds repulsive, actually pairs quite well. It’s refreshing, fruity, yet not too tangy or sour. The milk aspect counters the flavor being too strong or unpleasant. This specific drink would be ideal and perfect for summer, but I would get it year round, despite Texas’ indecisive weather.Boba toppings and colorful poppers sit on the front countertop.

While this drink was definitely a highlight, there is something for anyone and everyone. If you can name a flavor of fruit tea or milk tea, it is guaranteed to be there. How is it possible for a business to manage a menu of over 150 drinks? The verbal answer remains murky, but employees manage to answer it everyday. They answer it timely and with a smile too. If the boba doesn’t complete your day, the employees will with their kindness and courtesy. Even the stickers on the glass window seem to wave and thank you for supporting their business. And, the price point is fairly reasonable for boba, falling at just around five dollars.

Nonetheless, the menu is so diverse from a basic milk tea to a fiery passion fruit slush, and the possibilities of toppings are endless. They provide a variety of options like tapioca, puddings, jellies, and popping boba. Along with the multitude of drinks, the shop sells a great variety of oriental snacks and delicious treats, including fresh macarons, crunchy pocky, salty shrimp crackers, and soft mochi. 

The snack bar boasts soft mochi boxes, shrimp crackers, pocky, and other treats. The glass is decorated with cute boba stickers.

The packaging and design is also very thoughtful. The cups, although take a lot of plastic to make, are in considerable proportions and are built to fit in any cup holder with their slender design. The logo has the cutest font, great graphic design, and is in pink and green, which is an iconic color combo. The menu itself is gorgeous and organized. The straws provided are cute and simple as well.

The atmosphere itself is welcoming and cozy, yet exciting and vibrant. The interior of the restaurant is decorated to simple perfection and the displays themselves are nicely laid out. The setting is modern and neutral with interesting lighting fixtures and pops of color where needed. It somehow wraps up an atmosphere that is laidback, productive, and fun all into one. It’s hassle-free and multipurpose for whatever you’re feeling up to that day, whether it be sitting in solitude and studying or chatting with friends. And if you’d rather take the food or drink home, it’s nice to have while working on homework. 

The big menu, with over 150 flavors, is surrounded by aesthetic, warm lights.

Overall, Tealicious Cafe is a desirable option for anyone to enjoy a quick cup of boba and is divergent from the bland daily trip to Sonic or Las Palapas. This place is the new spot to be, and it’s right by Johnson. Give it a try – there is no way you could be disappointed by such vibrancy and flavor.

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