QR codes now used by counseling office

by Emmerson Clark | staff writer

The counseling office will now use QR codes for students to set up meetings with their assigned counselor.

“The idea behind the QR codes was that it would be more accessible to students,” lead counselor Courtney Tarbox said.

Instead of having to walk down to the counseling office or wait in lines, students can simply use the form to contact their counselor.

“If it’s something they’re thinking about, that’s after school when our office is closed,” Tarbox said. “We also find that the VOE form is really helpful because a lot of students need those VOE forms”

VOE forms are Verification of Enrollment that is needed for students to get their driver’s permit or license.

“The plan is to have it posted. That is our plan is to continue this throughout the year,” Tarbox said.

Most students adjusted to the change quickly, however, there were some complications with the form at the beginning.

“There was a setting we needed to be sure we allowed any account, not just a student ID because sometimes when people on their phone might have a personal account,” Tarbox said.

With the complications out of the way, the QR codes are proving to be helpful.

“Our goal was to really be more visible and accessible to students and hopefully it’s helping to reach that goal,” Tarbox said. 

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