Color-coded restroom passes new for 22-23 school year

by Mia Lopez | staff writer

This year the administration has put in place a new bathroom pass procedure. 

“It’s really about safety and knowing where our students are and students knowing the closest location is for the bathroom its accounting for where we are during the day,” assistant principal Kristina Miranda said 

The new color coded bathrooms allow more safety for the students and staff. 

“It prevents number one if we need to find a student we know where they are at any point during the day and where that students destination is,” Miranda said

The bathroom pass procedure allows administration to know where a student is at all times. If a student isn’t in the correct area, then they can expect to be redirected to the correctly colored bathroom.

“We would redirect you; I mean it would depend on the situation that’s occurring, but I mean it’s pretty obvious that if I have a red color pass, then I should be in that area or going to that restroom,” Miranda said 



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