New campus safety policies for the 2022-23 school year

by Katie Barton | Editor-in-chief

The Texas Educators Association has mandated a new locked doors policy for the 2022-2023 school year.

“8:50 in the morning to 4:15, every exterior door has to be locked,” Assistant Principal Steve Berg said. “That’s the front door, the bus doors, the cafeteria doors.”

Not only will exterior doors be locked, but all doors within the building will be locked as well.

“Every interior door, like a classroom door, if it just leads to the hallway has to be locked,” Berg said.  

TEA created this policy to improve campus security and to make it easier to go on lock down.

“In case of an emergency, they can just quickly pull it shut and the door is locked,” Berg said. 

Students moving in between buildings on campus will be most affected by this change.

“If you are in our ROTC building you can’t just walk in the upper foyer doors like you normally would because they’re locked,” Berg said. “So right now we have a teacher on duty during that time to just check kids and help them get in, if they have to go from the gym or portable or ROTC into the main building.”

While checking people in and moving between buildings will take longer, it’s all to ensure that the campus is safe. 

“So just be patient and plan on it taking longer,” Berg said.


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