Seniors can now paint their parking spots

by Emmerson Clark | staff writer

After 14 years, campus administration is allowing seniors to paint their parking spots. 

“So it’s something that Student Council wanted to do for several years and it has always kind of been not allowed but they’ve tried for at least the last three years,” Assistant Principal Steven Berg said.

Surviving four years of high school, seniors are being offered  the opportunity to paint their reserved parking spots.

“Because it’s their last year, they get to leave their mark on Johnson before they leave,” senior Ellie Eckles said.

The fee to paint each spot is $50 and  Student Council is using the profit to go back to the senior class.

“Only seniors can paint their parking spots, and also it’s a little bit of a fundraiser for them as well, it does cost money for a student to get a reserved spot and paint it,” Berg said. “And that goes to things like Senior Sunset, Toys for Tots, homecoming dance, different things around our campus and our community.”

After paying the fee, the process went smoothly with no complications from students or staff.

“First they had to have a parking spot, they had to have already bought their parking permit earlier in the school year,” Berg said. “And then to get a painted spot they had to fill out an application with Student Council and really show what their design was gonna be and then they got approved and they were allowed to paint it.”

A large number of students participated in painting their spots.

“It was about what I expected; we have about a hundred painted parking spots in the back, which for the first time is pretty good,” Berg said.

With all the painting done, many find that the painted spots add positively to the campus.

“I think Student Council did a tremendous job of kinda organizing everything and taking care of the paperwork. I really think the kids and their parents did a really good job, making some really cool designs. There’s some out there that look really really neat,” Berg said. 

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