New year, new clubs to join

by Maddy Lingk | staff writer

Students looking to make new friends, find people with similar interests, or participate more in school, should consider joining one of Johnson’s many clubs. 

“It’s basically a club where all the Muslim students and other students, it doesn’t have to be just Muslim students, come together and do volunteer work and talk about religion,” sophomore and vice-president of MSA Raneem Henaidy said. “It’s like a comfort space for everybody.”

The Muslim Student Association meets every first and third Tuesday of each month in room E202. 

“We’re gonna have lots of activities and we’re gonna have volunteer opportunities. Like maybe going to the mosque to volunteer,” sophomore Jumana Al-Azzawi said.

For more information you can check out their Instagram and Twitter, which both are @jhsmsa.

“Hopefully people start viewing the religion of Islam in a different way. And you know, hopefully we make an impact on the school before we leave,” Henaidy said.

Additionally, the Unity Club is also about coming together, discussing your beliefs, and learning from one another.

“It’s to provide a sense of community between the school and the district. So we kind of bring in everybody and we discuss our backgrounds and heritage,” senior and vice-president of the Unity Club Simone Fisher said.

They meet once to twice a month at 8:15 a.m. in the library’s MPR room. 

“I think it’s really fun. The counselor, Ms. Williams, I love her,” Fisher said. “And she makes it fun to be there and we have fun, joke, laugh. It just feels like a good break.”

The Unity Club meets up with other Unity Clubs throughout the district and participates in Kindness Week, which promotes positive messages in the school.

“I hope it inspires more people to join because it’s very nice to be a part of and you get to make new friends and meet people you’d never talk to,” Fisher said.

A new club about Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy roleplaying game, has also been on the rise.

“Our club’s purpose is to allow those who want to play DnD or have never played, but always wanted to, to have the chance to actually play DnD before their high school career is over,” sophomore Ren Hernandez said. “And also for those who have played before and want to find a new group to play with, they can meet new people there too.”

The Dungeons and Dragons club meets every other Thursday after school in room F320.

“I hope that our club will last longer than the previous Dungeons and Dragons club and that we’ll be able to teach new people that wanted to learn and help them carry on and learn a creative writing skill or quick decision making,” sophomore and vice-president Kylie Jenkins said.

Furthermore, many people’s interest in Dungeons and Dragons has increased due to its use in the popular TV show, Stranger Things.

“We’re looking for more members and we’re open to members, so if anyone wants to join they are more than welcome to,” Jenkins said. “And we need more dungeon masters so if you know how to play and you’re willing to be a dungeon master, we’re on Instagram actually, ctjdungeons, that’s where most of our information will be.”


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