What to do during Halloween if you’re not a Halloween fan

by Emmerson Clark | staff writer

With Halloween coming up and people already setting up decorations and getting in the holiday spirit, many people aren’t feeling Halloween. Halloween fans tend to go all out for the holiday with decorations and celebrations, it’s hard to ignore. There’s a couple solid strategies to avoiding Halloween. 

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching and Halloween is the perfect time to start planning. You can start planning gifts, decorations, and activities for the day of. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, Hallmark Christmas movies start streaming Oct 21. Most stores don’t start putting out Christmas decorations until after Halloween, but Lowe’s and Walmart start Oct 1. 

If you’re not into Christmas, there’s plenty of other activities to do while ignoring Halloween. Most people go to parties or trick-or-treating to celebrate so you’ll be able to ignore them if you go out.

While horror movies are a popular way to get into the Halloween spirit, there’s plenty of non-horror movies to watch. Early 2000s rom-com movies are always a good choice along with action movie series. Since Halloween is only a day you can fit in a short series to binge.

If you’re particularly upset about Halloween, social media is a great place to express your disdain for Halloween.

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