Friday buses continue to arrive late

by Katie Barton|Editor-In-Chief

For two Fridays in a row, several buses have arrived late to pick students up from school. On Nov. 11, five buses were delayed at the end of the day.

“It was the same number of buses, but there were different buses for each time,” Assistant principal Jonathan Campbell said.

These delayed buses have caused students to have to wait at the bus drop off area for thirty minutes to an hour, however students are not left without supervision.

“There’s three APs, we have one at the crosswalk, and then two at the bus dock area,” Campbell said. “We have anywhere between two to three teachers, depending on the schedule, the teachers get to leave around four thirty but there’ll always be one to two APs there until the last bus goes.” 

Students waiting for their buses to arrive must wait at the bus dock, and cannot wait inside the building.

“They really don’t have any supervision at that point in the building. We’ll even try to make an announcement every time that bell rings, 10 minutes after dismissal, just remind that either you’re in the buildings cause you’re at tutoring or a club meeting, you’re not just roaming the hallways,” Campbell said. “Everybody should either be waiting outside to get picked up or waiting outside for their bus.”

There are several possible causes for the delayed buses.

“One is just that we have a shortage of drivers, and that’s not isolated to us, that’s the district,” Campbell said. “Two is it seems like there’s a flu going around right now that’s impacting attendance across the board.”

The transportation office is trying their best to get all the buses to school on time.

“I know transportation’s working as hard as they can,” Campbell said.

While transportation is trying their best to fix this issue it is a possibility that the issue could continue.

“I don’t know if it will be like a pattern of Fridays, but it definitely could be something that’s ongoing, especially as long as like we have the shortage,” Campbell said.

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