Band classic uniforms turned into pillows as well as band mascot Matt the Cat.
Band classic uniforms turned into pillows, as well as band mascot Matt the Cat.

Band will be turning their old classic uniforms into pillows

by Katie Barton|Editor-In-Chief

Band is turning their classic uniforms into pillows in order to raise money to pay for a new trailer wrap.

“We sent them off to this company and they’re able to do that for us,” assistant band director Julia Donnel said. “They’re being bid on by alumni, band members, and band parents who’ve been around the program since the uniforms were bought or, in recent years.”

These pillows are being both sold and bid upon, with the bidding starting at $175.

“The buy it now option is $250,” Donnel said. “Or you can just get the classic uniform jacket for $250.”

These uniforms have been the band’s classic uniforms since the school opened in 2008 and was actually the first ombre uniform that FJM, the company that makes marching uniforms, had ever made.

“They’ve seen, you know, the first year of Johnson, it’s seen the first Alamo dome performance in 2008, the first Fiesta Parade in 2010, as well as the first state performance in 2010, National finals in 2011,” Donnel said. “So these have a lot of miles on them, worn by every class that has been here since the first year.”

However, because of the uniform’s long history most of them were in a rough state.

“Those uniforms were on their last legs as far as durability goes,” former drum major Aidan Souder said.

The band director’s view this as a way to preserve the uniform’s memory as well as pay for and allow some new editions to the band program as the funds from the sales will be used for a new trailer wrap and it gives the chance for the band to purchase new classics uniforms.

“It’ll be a fresh look while still paying tribute to the tradition of Johnson,” Donnel said.

Students and former band members agree that this is a great way to preserve the memories contained within those uniforms. These pillows can be bought or auctioned on here.

“They are historic for sure, and I’ll be sad to see them go, but it’s nice that they will live on as a pillow rather than being thrown away,” Souder said.


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